a. Social welfare programs and services available

 The following are the available programs of Municipal Social Welfare and Development of this municipality:

  1. Assistance to Family in Crisis Situation (Medical, Burial, Emergency Shelter Assistance, Financial)
  2. Provision of Assistance (Child Abuse Victims, Children in Conflict with the Law, Violence Against Women and Children)
  3. Child Development Services (No. of CDC, Supplemental Feeding, Parents Association)
  4. Women Welfare Program (Organized Women Group, Skills Training, Capability Building Training)
  5. Sustainable Livelihood Program (SLP) (DSWD,BUB,PSWDO,LGU)
  6. Youth Welfare Program (Organized PYAP, Skills Training, Educational Assistance)
  7. Solo Parents Services (Provision of ID, Provision of Assistance)
  8. Differently Able Person (PWD) (Provision of ID, Provision of Purchase Booklet, Provision of Assistance)
  9. PhilHealth LGU Sponsored Program
  10. KALAHI-NCDDP Projects
  11. Pantawid Pamilya Program
  12. Referral to other Agencies

b. Number of types of clientele

The Municipal Social Welfare and Development offers a service to the client such as Indigent families were families in crisis situation, married women, senior citizen age from 60 above populace, youth age from 15-35 years old, children at risk (car), person with disabilities at all ages, Solo parents who are widows and widowers and children in conflict with the law.