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The slope of the land is one of the factors considered in determining the suitability of lands for development as well as its capability for agricultural cultivation. The different slope categories used as basis for settlement planning are the following:

Levels to moderately sloping areas that have good soil characteristics are favorable for cultivation and urban utilization. Strongly sloping to mountainous condition renders the land highly prone to soil erosion and unfavorable for agricultural production and urban development. There is approximately forty-two (42) percent of the total land area that have a slope of more than 20%, these areas are strongly sloping to mountainous. These are mostly situated on the northern part of the municipality particularly barangays Cabong, Marsolo, Tipan, Tilubog, Guintoloan and Sandayong. Areas having slopes of 0-8% cover almost 16% of the total land area. These are currently planted with diversified crops like rice, corn, coffee and vegetables. These areas are mostly located at barangays Poblacion, Gubawang, Tambanan, Lower Sulitan, Mamagon, Aguinaldo and Bangkaw-Bangkaw. Areas having slopes of 8-18% occupies almost forty-two (42) percent of the total land. Most of these areas are open grassland although several patches of these are planted with diversified crops. The rest are planted with rubber trees, coco trees, and Gmelina. Because of the soil characteristics in these areas, these are best suited to the establishment of tree farms to keep the soil from further erosion. These areas are located at barangays Cabong, Sandayong, part of Poblacion, Mamagon, Bangkaw-Bangkaw, San Isidro, Baga, Upper Sulitan, Sulo and Taytay Manubo.


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